Mollie Nord – Graphic Design & Art Direction

Images of Garments in Reproduction
What would happen with the fashion industry if the narrative about clothing wasn’t bound to values like constant change and renewal?
A narrative that has taught us not to appreciate the clothing we already have, but to constantly consume and redefine our identity, creating a damaging and unhealthy clothing culture.

In this publication, we turn our attention to the industry’s narrative of clothing, and how it is portrayed through images. Images that want to persuade us all the time, without us even noticing their total impact on our consumption habits.

So, in a world where everything resurfaces as new versions, this publication pays a tribute to what already exists.  

Deadstock is a ´new` old narrative that explores a visual language of clothing. Looking at tempo, movement, body language, and tactility, we experiment with how to reproduce existing images of clothing in new translations and representations. Challenging how we understand and look at clothing through images.

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